Keyboard Mouse (Combo)- TVS Gaming RGB GC257

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Keyboard Mouse (Combo)- TVS Gaming RGB GC257

  • Wired keyboard: Keyboard Combo Gaming GC 257 wired keyboard
  • 104 keys: The keyboard has 104 keys, which is the standard number of keys for a full-size keyboard. This includes all of the letters, numbers, and symbols that you would expect to find on a keyboard, as well as some additional gaming-specific keys.
  • RGB backlighting: The keyboard has RGB backlighting,
  • Detachable mouse: Combo Gaming GC 257 detachable mouse
  • Ergonomic design: The keyboard and mouse are both ergonomically designed,

Overall, the TVS Keyboard Combo Gaming GC 257 is a good budget-friendly keyboard and mouse combo for gaming and general use. It has a good number of features, including RGB backlighting, a detachable mouse, and an ergonomic design.

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